Biryani Fiesta 2021

Aug 27, 2021

Announcing the Launch of the most awaiting Biryani Fiesta
Wednesday 15th September – Saturday 25th September 2021.

One of London’s finest Indian restaurants Indian Zing, headed by chef-patron Manoj Vasaikar, is proud to announce the 2021 launch dates of its highly popular Biryani Fiesta.

The Biryani Fiesta, which runs from Wednesday 15th September – Saturday 25th September 2021, is always a hugely popular event at Indian Zing, encompassing a variety of well-made and distinctive regional Indian biryanis.

Amongst the highlights are the Tahiri Biryani (this is the vegetarian version, which was originally made for the cashiers and financiers of the Nawabs, who were Mahajan Hindus. The Hyderabadi version of the mixed vegetable biryani is made with exotic mushrooms and tropical seasonal vegetables served with raita and papadum) and Khyber Biryani (offering a combination of lamb liver and kidney, speciality of the pathans from the northwest frontier, which has found its way through the Khyber Pass. Accompanied with cucumber raita and roast papadum).

For lovers of seafood, there’s the Sofiyani Biryani (a very sophisticated seasonal fish biryani from the house of Nizams, made with a rich paste of sesame seeds, melon seeds, and dry coconut delicately infused with saffron and spices. Accompanied by bagara baigan and roasted papadum).

The Kachi Pakki Biryani (more of a common man’s biryani from Hyderabad, robust and made of raw meat and with a peculiar flavour of spice known as mountain moss – Indian fungus – which the rice absorb the flavour from in a sealed pot. Served with mirchi ka salan and roasted papadum), is a high tempting and flavoursome biryani, which is unmissable.

Indian Zing is at 236 King St London W6 0RF. Tel 020 8748 5959.